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Dec 2012
Mr Montoya
I want to know
Did you discover the great design of your art in the puffs of clouds
lazily in the sky
In the eyes of stars
did you push back the deafening city lights to hear the chords in your latest song?
How is it that you find trinkets of brilliance like clovers in a field?
I need to know where you felt the lines of your latest poem?
Did you harvest them like peaches from the purple orange sunset?
Can you lead me to where hearts have unfolded
minds are open
spirits are free
like oceans after a storm
I want to meet the muses that live between the pages of your notebooks
wrap my mind in your leaves
like fresh towels from the dryer
did you chase them towards horizons unfounded
did you hear your music in bellowing rainstorms
The chords in the wind and thunder shaking your spinal chord
What divine being hand delivered your brilliance from cloud nine?
Madame Nanacakes
Curlie Fries Mcgee
Written by
Curlie Fries Mcgee  Here...There...Everywhere
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