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Nov 2018
Sometimes I forget what my own name sounds like
it gets lost in the haystack of other things
and sometimes I remember what crunched leaves sounds like
and it makes me cry
because sometimes
no all the time
my life and I are in a never-ending race and it's so far ahead of me I can't even see it anymore

but when I think back to when my shadow was as slow as I was
to when no one moved any faster than the Breeze
the rattling of leaves was the only song I Knew
when our feet left memories in the ground as we ran
and the tree bark hung on to every moment
training our fingertips to long for its skin

Sometimes I get the whiff of Magnolia leaves
And it makes me cry
Because sometimes
no all the time
I miss the Summers when no one owned us but the trees
and we belonged to each other
and the wind whispered my name
and I never forgot what it sounded like
and I never lost track of my shadow
and the wind... whispered my name
Written by
Bella  17/F/USA
         Perry, Walter W Hoelbling, Arianna, yasaman johari, L and 19 others
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