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Nov 2018
She means everything.
My theory of everything to me,
Yet Stephen Hawkins
Wouldn’t have been able to explain
How ******* beautiful her eyes are.
Those two gemstones in her face.
Those two sapphires lighting my world,
Cause I’ve been to some dark places,
And I know she’ll bring me back
If and when I venture off again.
And god I know it’s cheesy.
Saying “She means everything to me.”
But she is.
My only sunshine who makes me happy
Even when I don’t even want to be.
Even when sky’s are grey.
And no one else will know, dear.
How much I love you that is.
So no one take my sunshine away.
Her hand in mine gives me something.
Something to care about.
Something that I can hope for.
Hope that I will grow up
To be someone who cares about someone.
Cause that’s what it’s all about.
I found someone who can make me happier then anyone on this earth. And I feel so warm.
Written by
Austin Mizelle  17/M/Where dreamers sleep
(17/M/Where dreamers sleep)   
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