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Nov 2018
Today is darkness,the world makes no sense. . I make no being/essence lost
Scrambling to find a reason,a connection. ..self!
I know this day will pass and reason will return..the cycle as ever must be fulfilled but in this moment sadness and lack of reason takes up pride of place.
Tears stream from my eyes but no clue as to why. Dead but hanging I fail at being strong.
Every weakness comes out to play..powerless..failure...death consumes my mind but the twinkle of survival shines from my soul.
Forgotten every goal!! Can't see....
Will I ever remember me.
Stings of past laid out bare,yet today I'm incapable of seeing what it's all been for!
I she'll lays here trying to gain life,passion dead. . Creative gone...who am I now?
Lost to the void unescapable..just a ***** of light is all I need at least maybe then I can remember to breath.
Drowning in this sticky state..nothing to do but ride the waves.
Donna-louise lilley may 2017
Donna lilley
Written by
Donna lilley  37/F/Lincolnshire
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