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Nov 13
it's been some time
since the last time
somebody heard me cry

now it's not that rare
here and there
things that i care
she can't bear

all those nights
it felt right
even for a slight

everything happens in a snap
yesterday i was taking nap
today everything collapse

living a dream
only to found out it's part of the scheme

but it's not all lies
there are good times
ocean eyes

moments when i could see the world
i could see smiles
i could see cries
i could see hurricane
i could see victory
with you by my side

but you don't dare yourself
to even try
hundreds of worth
not even enough

i know
it must be hard to step into the light

but you should know
it's harder to be pulled back into the dark
Written by
devine  17/F
     Seanathon and Fawn
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