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Nov 2018
She's beautiful, my mind seemed to scream
With eyes like that I could have been forever lost
but instead I felt FOUND
And I think I found her, too
Fierce and determined, she lead me out of the cage
that I built around myself
and into the light of my sexuality
She did this in the way she played and teased
She did this in the smile she gave me
and the words she told me
She showed me the life that she saw in herself
and she took my hand and lead me to the mirror
and held my head in place and told me to look deeply
Because, she said, the same life was in me
She held my darkness in her palms
and instead of giving it back at the days end,
she kept it in a jar and said that those dark spots were unimportant
because all light casts a shadow, after all
She's beautiful, that Lesbian
Beautiful through and through
Written by
Athena  16/F
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