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Nov 2018
I’ve spent a lot of time recently looking back on my life
Years have gone by since I first figured it out
Since those butterflies first erupted in my gut
Since I realized what it meant to be looking at her like that

There are some things I’ll never forget
Like the first time I touched myself thinking about her
Or the first time she touched me
Or the first time I touched her

And lots of things have changed
The way I cut my hair
The music I listen to
The way I carry myself

I guess you could say it’s a good thing
I’m more sure of myself
I like the way I look now
And I know who my friends are

But some things are still the same
I still feel the electricity when my skin brushes hers
And I still get nervous to hold her hand where other people can see
But all the fear still goes away when she kisses me

And I don’t think I’d trade it for anything
The experts always say it’s not a choice
But truth be told, I’d choose this,
I’d choose her every time,
If they let me
This is based off a journal entry I wrote after watching The Miseducation of Cameron Post. The movie kind of triggered a lot of feelings that I felt when I was first figuring everything out and I wanted to write about it. :)
Written by
Jo  19/F/New Jersey
(19/F/New Jersey)   
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