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Nov 2018
“Deeds To Remember”

Castle cast!  Lo,  hail the Aloft,
Wisest of Wise He indeed is.
Forsaken Herald forever forbidden
To oven never to return to Kingdom.
5.That Pride!  That iniquitous Overthrown.
Beware!  The Fallen lures and crush soft,
Disciples walks in darkness of forsaken
Taunt them not,  merciless they are
Peril Serpent desires vengeance.
10.Bind the chain of authority to defeat.
Thee reckless numb! Thee commanded One,
Paradise filled by plaintive of atrocity?
Oh!  How unprophetical jest!
Holy wrath wiped luring serpent out.
15.Double-edged sword is sharp indeed.
Holy man! Indeed a perfect craft
Thou art the clairvoyance of God,
Pillar of Paradise on Earth
Boon by wisdom to realm of Heaven.
20.Hell's Oven not meant for thee.
Yet! Lust seduced thy virtue,
Lust for pleasure did lured thee.
Ah!  Mortal man not a ludic
But perfect creation in Him,
25.Err is natural thou mustn't lessen by
For pleasure of lust once known
Is valley of abyss for eon.
Thou mustn't astray, He say'd!
Thou art Holy boon of Will
30.Of ***** of everlasting Living.
Valley of death now a deficient!
Thou thrived conquest not a bish
Sitten upon Thee,  man shall bow
Salutations they'd wave, oh Mighty
35.Restful cuddle for them with Thee.
Hark the Herald of Divine,
For trumpet sings for man.
Feast indeed! Now lamb to Shepherd.
Sacrifice that pave way to Home
40.Forget not, for He awaits thee Home!
Nganyah Ngonyen Phom
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