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Nov 2018
her eyes are fire
gliding on the wind
they simply begin to spiral
i remain invisible to you
you touch me in your lust
as houses are dismantled
and bodies sold for furniture
its a total scramble
that requires no preamble
children sample this silliness
when chili is for dinner
i am weak and ready for the winter
you lift the hunger further away
i drift like water into slumber
wherever it is we lay
you inspire me with poetry
i am likely to fall asleep
but keep on talking anyway
it might just be the thing
to help me with my feelings
and let me sort them out
i remove the usefulness
and replace it with your doubt
she ruined my world
with her beauty
i was turned upside down
and tuned-in to a different station
all my life came shattering on top of me
the moment i saw her face
and that was just the start
of the total annihilation that followed
these escapades are brutal
as all your attempts at love are fatal
so lets just let it run its course
before we are filled with more remorse
so what's the point anyway
if we aren't listening we may be destroyed
are there examples of a love this rare
please come show me your secrets
or at least give me a reason
to despise something
more than our punctuation
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
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