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Dec 2012
I thought I could trust you
With my hopes
My dreams

But no
You turned them against me

Told the words I whispered
Cried and shouted
Spoken in

With one single note
You have betrayed me
Hurt me

Deeper than any flesh wound

Now because of your childish pride
And your stubbornness
It is I who is being punished
Who has to live with your mistakes

You have cost me
More than you know

You’ve been banished from my parent’s lives
Not that I really blame them
For all the harm you’ve brought

Now that damage
Has carried on to me
And I have to live with it

You can go on your merry way
Having nothing to do with them
But I do

Because of you I can never
Have a celebration
A party
All of that is now gone

My graduation
Forget it
You’re no longer invited

My parent’s don’t want you in their home

Remember I said that
I wanted you to be my maid of
Forget that too

Because of your selflessness
I have to live with the consequences
Even when I have done nothing

Now because of you
my trust is

Lindsay Alayne Stevens
Written by
Lindsay Alayne Stevens  27/F/La Jolla, CA
(27/F/La Jolla, CA)   
   Madison Court
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