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Nov 2018
We, as humans,
Tend to retract.
Our reflections,
Tend to change.
And the claims we make,
Are no less stable,
Not much longer to stay
Than specks of dust,
Waiting to be wiped away
We're all hypocrites,
In one way or another.
Like the man who preaches religion,
And then is revealed to be an adulterer,
Like the girl who claims to not care,
And then jumps at those who conflict her,
Like the boy who wants to be alone,
But is secretly depressed,
Wanting someone.
Like the man who believes in individual opinions,
But blasts those he finds wrong,
Like confident dude, who leads situations,
Only to be putting up an act.
We're all liars, we're all hypocrites,
In one small way,
Or one major aspect.
People know us,
As much as we allow them to.
They know not,
What we want, need or persue
And sometimes,
It's better to not believe what they claim,
They're probably lying anyway
Upon finding certain things of people, we may find ourselves to be angered, sometimes intimidated by the image people provide us. Just know, it's probably a farce, there will always be something to surprise you and if you live that way, you'll find them to be abit more bearable
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