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Nov 2018
As I press the cold metal blade to my arm I heist a moment not because,
I have something to live for it is because I am racking my brain for something anything that gives me reason to live.
but the further and harder I look the more I realize I lost my friends a long time ago my family now at a distance and all that is left making me is the empty shell of my body it wouldn’t come as a shock if someone was calling me the walking dead because I’m barely getting through the day struggling.
I guess I knew a long time ago that I was lost so lost that I couldn’t’ and wouldn’t be found the more I think the harder I press on the cold blade in my hand I feel a cool light sting the blade has broken my skin it is digging deeper in my skin the blood starts to spill so I yank he blade in a single swipe pushing ******* the blade
as I look at my skin were the blade cut the blood spilling my blood gathering up creating a puddle I realize this cut is not going to be fixed and I am going to die.
I’m going to die in this world because I was left alone.
I sat there trying to write the last words anyone will hear from me the reason why the note with no idea on what to say.
I put my hand down into the puddle of blood that is getting bigger,
my arm is on fire and I like the pain.
the pain that everyone knows that is there because it is visible on the paper in my blood I write my last words it is a question that would be flying around why was this done to me?
at least I won’t be here to see the fake tears on those around me,
those I thought loved me but not so in the end the reason why is because I am not truly loved all those around me saying that they care they are faking it and that is what I have been doing faking it trying to make it.
So, as the last of my coherent thoughts leave me I say good bye to those who don’t love me and those who are like me good bye.
Written by
brynnpowers  14/F/maryland
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