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Nov 2018
I could get lost in those eyes of yours
Shape-shifting and changing hue
One stare into those windows of a soul
No return to complacency would there be

A journey not yet started would never end
Getting lost in shades of oceanic blue,
sharper than the seas of old, breezing past on a foggy moore
Losing peripheral sense and sight in palettes of green
A green of forests and earth, so natural and undisturbed

The colors change and appear different in a different light
But somehow they remain the same: strong, independent, faithful, and wise
I could look into those wonderous eyes forever
Their beauty freezing me in my tracks

Though they may seem black and dark grey,
as thunderclouds on a rainy day,
I see radiance and a shine marked by a bright light glowing from within
It is almost unexplainable, a sparkle present everytime I look
A twinkle of passion and vivacity, unseen till you take a closer glance

Oh how I could get beautifully lost in those eyes of yours
A map and compass rendered useless in color changing landscapes
Depths unknown and feelings untold lie waiting to be explored
Oh how I could get lost forever in those eyes of yours
written late one night because sleep wanted to fight
terminally alive
Written by
terminally alive  M
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