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Nov 2018
Lucious storm , outburst the gut , grinding my peaceful turmoil

Bringer of chaos , unrestrained sensuality you say , heaven's promise you are

Disgusting yet admired , craving like the beast I am , for the fleeting moments you have

Inmeasurable pleasures bought by simple touches , Helene , Narcisse , Venus , witches

Enough and tired did I say , more and more do I beg , bodies mixes skins and blood ...

Spits and fluids bathing the parts of it's wepons , nectar and sweat pouring as vin

Plain ******* , pores ignites the arousing cold , yet taming the hell's fires

*******, honeyΒ , first sweet you taste, wishing the encore again and again

Waist , slick as milk drowning my desire , tempting snake smithing my burning flame

****** aching , flowing , first sight , mesmerising my hands , commanding this filthy tongue

Glutes , savoring my hips , setting the pace , correcting my core , by it's simple precense

Legs , where I lie , pleading for the feel , for my want , unconceled lust , unavoidable gluttony , just for it ...

Demonne , illusion , godness , so many words for it , none enough to paint it
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