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Nov 2018
This is more then just a love letter
Because you did more then just love me
This is more then just a confession
You remember the first impression
I gave you?
When they said I find no guilt in this man
I made you guilty
Not worthy of your mercy
But now here I stand
With no nails in my hands
You were the dove dipped in black paint that became a black crow
For the price of my soul
You are the example of fixing something that was never broken because you fixed something you never broke in
So for that,
This is more then just a love letter
It's my soul returning back to the sender
It's my heart exchanging my blood for yours
This is more then just a confession
This is me saying you  my attention
This is me saying im breaking all connection from all distraction
This is me taking action.
After all I've been through
I hold your words to he true
This is me giving up me
For You.
Before I am anything I am a Christian. This is my letter saying how I've completely gave myself up and placed myself in God's hands because he loved me first and loves me more then I do myself. I hope you enjoy it and God Bless you.
Written by
Esther M  18/F
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