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Nov 2018
You wake me up in a hurry
You’re almost late for an appointment
You can’t find your keys
In the groggy haze my eyes are squinted and I’m confused
I don’t have your keys I mutter out
But that’s not enough
You’re  yelling at me to get up and search for them
I crawl out of my hole throw on a ***** t shirt and some boxer shorts I usually sleep in
I call my boyfriend since we were the last to use the car the morning before
Check the couch he says
I check, nothings there, for ***** and giggles I check everywhere I know it’s not
Times running out
Where the **** are they
You continue yelling at me like that will fix this
You leave the house for a moment
I collect myself and search the couch once more
I’m already falling apart at the seams
It’s 9:40
You barge in with an even angrier energy than when you left
They’re in your hand
“I found them by the tire”
You say then proceed to scream at me
Swearing we will never use your car again
Then you left
I hope your appointment is ******* terrible
Written by
Iz  F
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