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Nov 2018
I can feel it
Dripping down my arm,
The warm trickle
Of the beautiful red substance
That seems to be the only thing
Keeping me sane.
I can feel the rush of emotions,
Just dripping right out of me
The only thing it leaves in its wake
Is a lost little kid
Who seems to feel nothing anymore
I can feel it
The tears from my eyes
I’m crying in my bedroom
Letting out all the pain
Because it’s all my fault
And I’m not causing others any gain
I can feel it
The constricting of my heart
As I pretend to be fine
And go about my day pretending
I’m not going to break
I can feel it
The anger at myself
For letting others opinions drive me to
This point
But I cannot stop
And I don’t want to
Because this is all I know
Is what you reap you sow.
Hey, yeah I have been pretty inactive... whoops. Anyways, hope you like it. Thanks for reading.
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