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Nov 2018
Tell me what I am supposed to feel,
When you can't even keep it real?
Refuse to just give me the deal,
Damage done that you can't heal.
I can see that look inside your eyes;
You know that I can see through all the lies.
You played me once and I won't let it happen twice,
So say goodbye to love you chose to sacrifice.
Why do you prey on my emotions?
Leaving me be, lovesick and hopeless.
And you can pretend like you don't notice,
Before I go I just want you to know this.
You're the best **** thing that's ever happened to me.
With this hole in my heart, that means I once was complete.
But it's better this way, in due time I'll move on,
Forget about the nights when you and I would dance along,
Blanketed beneath the stars dispersed across the sky,
Painful memories of love lost remind us we're alive.
Written by
Christopher Habla  Georgia
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