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Nov 2018
Frustration, rather circumstancial
Leads me to believe,
I'm no more than a fluke.
How I've come this far,
Only to be,
No more,
Than ordinary.
I found myself,
Or rather thought,
I'd find someone,
And move on.
A new chapter of life
To look forward to,
But that's it.
That's all I've thought.
Nothing more,
Nothing less.
Weirdly enough,
When you draw up hopes
Too high for your own good.
Life has a subtle way to,
Throw up on it all,
And that is in itself,
What grounds you down,
Never fear,
Never mourn,
You'll learn,
Might even yearn,
To do things differently,
Think , differently,
And move on.
Things I think, I try not to think about, I wonder i can change
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