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Oct 2018
"I like you, wait no, I love you."
"Since when?"
"7 months ago. Maybe ever since that time I was curious of what's inside your head, and keep on being left amazed every time you spill your thoughts to me. You have such a beautiful mind. I can never get tired of listening to you voicing your thoughts."
"Why do I have a beautiful mind?"
"You're not afraid of talking about the future and your dreams, and you make me startled with how sure you are of what you're capable of. You know you have a strong presence and potential, and you're confident enough to take advantage of it. You won't hesitate to tell me how you feel, and honestly, I feel like whatever you say or talk about feels very close to home, because you comfort me with words of reassurance."
"Why else? Is there any other reason?"
"You are honest. I can be honest with you, too. You are caring. I love it when you just know that I had a bad day, and ask me to talk about it. You make me feel better. You stroke through my hair with your dainty fingers and you give me smiles you never give anyone else. You make me feel things that I have never felt before, and I am excited and I feel loved when I'm with you. You are also very, very beautiful. Very, very gorgeous. You are one hell of an amazing human and I love you very much."
"Thank you."
"There's more and I can literally write a book filled with reasons to love you, but that's for another day."
arvy lee
Written by
arvy lee  15/F/earth.
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