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Oct 2018
I wanted to
Call your name
So that nobody
Would have
To live without  
Those holy
I never wanted
To speak again
So that no voice
Would linger
But yours
And in my heart
When Iā€™d pray
With your voice
God would bless you
I grew hungry
but my lips
could not bear
to touch a thing
these figs
on your land
these juices
that do
not belong
that wish to
wash away
your kisses
this breath
that passes
between valleys
to carry
your scent
the pollen
of this land
exhale, breathe
your breath
is myrrh
your eyes
sufi's wine
pour me a glass
I am whirling
to your drum
thum thum thak
my lips want
to dance
Halima Abdul Basir
Written by
Halima Abdul Basir
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