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Oct 2018
3 am I awoke to a call his orientated I answered it was Helen she was
calling from the Hospital, this was the
the beginning of her fourth week In there due to being so
But never heard Helen like this before, get
me out of here, they talking about me bring the wheelchair, I'm dying they know I'm dying, get me home now then the
phone went
I heard no more but the next day I asked her, she remembered nothing later that day the doctor she asked to see me In private she said he could no
for her
So I asked If I could stay In Hospital and look after Helen In her final
hours 3 days and nights
I never left the
while helping nurses Helen's body was slowly shutting down
I was holding Helen on her side whilst nurses change her bedding to make her comfortable for the night
she looked up with those beautiful eyes can't breathe Johnny she said
I kept saying you'll be ok don't worry you will be
Shortly after that Helen said she was giving up when asked, can't do this
no more my poor girl had no fight
Helen was brave to the end I'm crying as I write her story she was truly special to me, and her memory deserves to to live on and she will through my poetry of
Hardest thing I've had Is watch my wife
die trying avoid breaking try not to show
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
   L B
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