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Oct 2018
your eyes send signals forecasting a tremor.
so i pull you close and kiss the cracks
on your parting lips tonight.
broken glass and land slides,
tidal waves and ruined city,
you taste like catastrophe
waiting for a trigger.
but no, i am not complaining.
your mood may change like tectonic plates,
drift apart and rearrange
but never will i fear
your unpredictable seismic waves.
for this is a part of you
i have accepted long before
my heart began beating your name.
you may shake my world to pieces,
rive it with aftershocks and sinkholes,
but for now let's turn off the lights.
let me lull your troubled fault lines.
Sebastien Angelo
Written by
Sebastien Angelo  24/M/Manila, Ph
(24/M/Manila, Ph)   
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