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Oct 2018
the word salad of deception they weave
and all these years our faces beam
the slogans of hopes and dreams
have left us with nothing to believe

their weathered faces  crinkled smiles
hiding their history of countless lies

the charactors on the hill
the donkeys and the elephants
sure get their fill
while the slave ants
bend  silent and hurried to their will

the promise is to have us
bend our knees and plea
as they smile, well'll get to your needs
yet the masses still adore
what they choose to see

their weathered faces crinkled smiles
hiding their history of countless lies

let the smoldering embers
be remembered
as a place of hope and dreams
yet she will be standing

waiting for you and our  promises
that Her flame will never extinquish
as she guides you to the the promise land
Written by
tom krutilla  justice, illinois
(justice, illinois)   
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