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Oct 2018
She stripped off her clothes, stepping out of her black ******* last
lowering herself into that pool of steaming water
I watched her with stifled hunger

"This is it. This is everything, isn’t it."
It wasn’t a question I was asking
as the rain crashed down around us
through the half open roof

She stretched her arms out and shook her head,
silent, grinning at me from across the bath

"**** those tiny dagger teeth, so far from my bones"

I threw her an invitation to destroy me but she was too comfortable
way over there
and she knew better after all this time
than to interrupt my romantic *******
I could really get carried away on the feeling
as if some insidious little moth crept in and started
pounding against my rib cage, against the backs of my eyes
taking me to some other place, as some other creature

"You know, you know.. Just drown me in here, like a rat
stuck in a sewer pipe, fat and useless and happy!
I’m drunk and hazy on this lust."

I could see her chest heave
as if the air was suddenly too thick
to swallow

"What I know is that you’re ******, you’re ****** and so I’m ******"

and she was right
but it was too late
her words faltered and faded off
halfway across the ocean between us
sailboats of wisdom lost at sea with
sailors throwing themselves overboard

I was gone by then, living a thousand daydreams
as scenes unfolded
where no one could see
as the rain
stung my face

Her eyes were wide and she was searching the stars
for me
but I was already tucked away inside her mystery
Sean Devlin
Written by
Sean Devlin  M/East Bay, CA
(M/East Bay, CA)   
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