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Oct 2018
we are two celestial bodies, waiting for collision.
you know, they say that sacrifice is necessary sometimes,
so i’d sacrifice every part of me just for a moment alone with you.
a moment where you could hold me and we wouldn’t need to worry about any of the consequences;
recklessly exploring each other’s minds with our bodies.
two celestial beings awaiting our destruction,
because with destruction comes rebirth.

and you,
you make me feel like i was born again.
like everything in the world is fresh and exciting,
and it’s all because i get to experience it with you.
being with you makes every part of me come to life;
like i have risen from the ashes and taken flight once more.
i feel the wind blowing on me every time you brush your hand against my cheek,
i feel the electricity run through me every time you kiss me,
and all the drugs in the world could never make me feel as euphoric as you do.
because when i’m with you i enter a state of mind no substance could alter;
pure bliss.
uhhh idk
Written by
riwa  18/F/Saudi Arabia
(18/F/Saudi Arabia)   
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