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Oct 2018
Shoes we wear,
Shoes that get tear,
And when they tear,
We bring a new pair.
The life is just like this,
Change yourself ,
In order to bear the world itself.

Shoes that carry our load,
No matter how bored.
Life is like it,
No matter how many cramps,
But always play like champs.

Shoes we clean to sluff off the dust,
Similarly cleaning evil thoughts is must.
Those costly and and branded shoes are of no use,
Till the soles are loose.
Just like it life has no mean,
Without the soul in which we lean.

A shoe is useless,
If its partner is missing.
Similarly life is fruitless
If togetherness is lacking.
Live together to vision the dream,
Work together to leisure the dream.

Even the small effort can make you learn,
If you are keen enought to make that minor turn.
Make your life that amazing,
And be the brightest star,
On whom the Universe is gazing.
Gurleen kaur
Written by
Gurleen kaur
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