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Oct 2018
When life has only twenty left
--maybe ten, of any good
with good behavior
The narrative gets thin and sketchy

Mind heads out--
to join the limping leftovers
to contemplate
the priceless wastes....
that stretch like endless sand
to salvage what it can
where I managed somehow to hide

“Like I ever asked for you?
Or for anything you had?
Like I ever needed you?”

So he showed up
late-in-life – and hungry
Shoved me through denial's door
Turned me out
his settled life
Barred the door
with distrust
--the size of tree trunks
once the drawbridge gets pulled up....
all the while-- crying,


“...You come only, when  
I... call for you!”

Seems some kid named David
got this treatment once
Were it not for his voice and lyre
--all that soothed the insane Saul

Same David, did wrong too
Spied her bathing
Privileged private lust

“Barricade the avenues' access!
“Keep to your own!
Show up when called for-- Minstrel Poet”

for an audience with your Noble Lord
In the land of Greeting and Misunderstanding
where one wrong word
gets girl turned out
like Small-talk—Not allowed!
For only when HE
Needs it

Make those emojis go away!
**** their happy, soothing nonsense!

--punishable by banishment
lose your job as Waiting Lady
banished from his guilty manor
for saying, "I think, maybe...."
From the court of royal heirs
gets tossed

“...To a pig stye—with ya!”

the ***** keeps singing anyway
It's only all, she does
with birds who dote on nearby trees
who note and pen a song to sunset
then fly away
to dot the blue of air

Make-do on scraps
Dress in dream's abandon
learned from fire and pounding
in the forge of
Truth and Worth--

that's not the same
for everyone
Not a good poem.  Just a needed narrative.
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