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Oct 2018
My 9-5 doesn’t make me feel alive.
But with the money, I can put gas in my car so I can drive.

I want to drive away from all the problems of the world. The anger, the hate, and the weird situation I have with this one girl.

Although my love for her is deep and true, we had weird misunderstandings before, and now I guess her feelings are through.

Today I feel blue.
On a good day my soul would feel like mangos and pineapples in a smoothie, but because of my 9-5 my days have slowly become more gloomy.

Oh ‘boohoo’ me
“Look boy that’s just reality.
You think all day you can just sit at home play video games and watch TV?”

Well no it’s not like that, but I really do feel like this just ain’t the life for me.

I want to be happy. I want to be free. I want to have good company, and stop feeling so ******* lonely.

I want to feel hope
not sit inside the house looking for different ways to cope.

They say a job like this it’s just a stepping stone,
But why does it feel like they’re throwing stones?

Now my body and spirit feels too weak to try and find something else.


Cry Baby, Cry,
Cry so that you don’t lose your mind.
Cry Baby, Cry,
Cry so that you don’t feel like **** inside.
I wrote this during a time where I was feeling Trapped or Stuck.
I wanted to leave so bad, but I would only hurt myself if I did.
If you want something bad enough, opportunities do come, you just gotta stay aware of them.
After some time
I finally left the job I was working at.
Now I’m in school for culinary arts.
More determined than ever.
Written by
Ricky  19/M
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