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Oct 2018
It's crazy, it's new.
I'm dreaming of something
more meaningful than fame.
Questions pose as answers,
I just disguise it very well.
I'm tripping down the vine,
think I've found my niche.
This is a new sense,
this is my two-cents,
this is the best sentence
I'll ever write.

Detour, detour!
I put this part in
to convince you
I'm not as mad
as you might think
'cause what is mad today
is standard tomorrow.

Break formation,
unlock the door.
I am a 1 between 0's.
Break the code,
be truth in hoax.
Shake off the chains,
collect your remains.
Reborn in the rain,
something new is
in my veins.
Mad today,
standard tomorrow.

There is no alarm,
don't fall asleep.
Normal isn't normal
when surrounded by
a bunch of freaks.
Flip the script.
The curse is growing
on you slowly,
the spider's bite
injects venom inside.
Mad today,
standard tomorrow.
Memorize me.

Written by
Wyatt  22/M/South Carolina
(22/M/South Carolina)   
     Me Díaz and Gods1son
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