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Oct 2018
Lost, can you find me?
I can't find myself
I thought this was going to be easier
It's just a living ****

There is no sense to it
Because just when you think
You've discovered who you are
You're back on the brink

Am I me and why am I here?
Don't tell me how to live
Don't come near
Stay in your place, lest you have something to give

I was young and couldn't find me
I was older, still not to be found
I am middle-aged and where am I?
Next stop is the ground

Is it possible to ever know?
Just who you are?
I despise those who think they know
I hear them near and far

Maybe it's because they don't see what is there
Can you not see that nobody cares?
What do you live for, now give it back
What you think you have is not yours

There is hope some say
I'd like to see it
I'd like to be it
I wish it were true

The truth is there's no hope
For me or for you
Will I answer for my worldly deeds?
It depends on who you ask, I'm still in the weeds

Some of my friends know the truth
Or so I should say
Because they are not here
But dead on this day

They know if there's heaven
They know if there's God
Some say I'm hellbound for asking
Isn't that odd?

For if He exists
And He may or may not
He's left only traces
That's really all we've got

So I remain lost
Each day is just a maze
I'm a living ghost
Floundering about in a daze
Written by
Scot  M/Las Montanas
(M/Las Montanas)   
     Lᴇ, Jen and Scot
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