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Dec 2012
There’s only so much time in a day,

Yet I seem to be wasting it anyway.

The trees know when to give in,

Rake up the leaves and put ‘em in the bin.

It’s a cycle that we humans can’t seem to learn; when it’s time to give in, we keep wanting to fight. Maybe that’s the right thing to do; maybe we should be like the trees.

When it gets too cold, they drop their leaves.

Take a breath, baby, and be at ease.

The passion we share for one another could not be thrown away.

Wasted like the time in a day.

I’ll sit here, tomorrow, a day after that, a week, months and I could think to myself: “What could I be doing today?”

The air would answer: “Wasting the time of your day.”
Written by
Tyler G
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