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Oct 2018
I’m a cannibal.
We’ll let that sink in.
It takes moment to digest that thought.
Sorry I have terrible humor, I know.
Why and who?
Mostly myself, I cannibalize me,
To rearrange my understanding of self.
It doesn’t survive upon contact you see.  
So I slice and dice, chop and whip.
Until nothing irritates and the rot sets in.
Then I have to cut out the bad parts
And try to put myself back together again.
So you see it’s really not easy,
Being a cannibal.
But **** I bet the final product will be delicious.
I hate it when I catch myself doing this, trying to put others so far ahead of myself that I just end up hurting myself. I'll learn how to avoid it eventually. Hopefully.
Written by
Danielle  28/F/Vermont
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