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Oct 2018
I used to write about love
But it feels like we let the magic die
Because all you do is apologize
And all I do is cry
Nevermind we live our lives in fear
Of the thoughts inside our heads
We hold on to love so near
With a quick peck before bed.
Where did we go wrong, my love?
Why did we let it go?
All I ever imagined for us
Was love that would endlessly grow.
But now I'm awake and you are not
Because I cannot quiet the fears
That the love you once had for me
Is gone before we reach one year.
You'll read this and tell me I'm wrong
And maybe you'll be a little right
But if I'm all wrong
Then tell me
Why is it we always fight?
You know I'm not good for you
You say you're not good for me
And no matter how hard the other fights
We are both inclined to disagree
Walls we let each other tear down
We have now built back stronger
I just cant see how you want to stick around
I'll be amazed if you stay any longer.
My love for you will never cease
But I understand if you want to leave
Because being with me is never easy
And I've been told love should be a breeze.
I do not know how I'll go on
But I know I'll find a way
Because if you leave me for a better love
I'll know you're happy at the end of the day.
I'm never good enough. It's my own fault.
Written by
DancingEntWrites  24/F/WI
       Logun Alexander Johnson and Amanda
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