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Oct 2018
Broken boy
what would you do?
if your sister
your bestfriend
your girlfriend
and your family left you behind?
what would you do broken boy?
I only had a few days left in here
i can't take care of you anymore, broken boy
3 years we've been through, together
through the hangover and laugh
i'm sorry my friend, I'm sorry if i let you down
but, life would get better.
You will not get abused again by your father anymore
You will have a gf and a sister who loved you just the way you are.
Forgive me, for what i did to you..
One of my friend always get abused by his own father, after his mother passed away, he been through a really hard days. In the only one his friend that he could trust, but im must leave him, i'll flight to France on 2 November 2018, And im afraid that he would not survive alone, i really concern ahout him but i must flight to france and live in there about 4/5 years. His Girlfriend cheated on him, somebody that he called "sister" left him.
Written by
Moon light knight  20/M
       Fawn and Crazy Diamond Kristy
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