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Oct 2018
when you had described your eyes as boring,
a dull and dark brown, almost appearing to be black,
i could have never disagreed more.

your eyes deep, dark, and daring at first.
sharing the same sable color as the fur of a great black bears,
seeming savage and unsafe,
were eyes i hesitated to trust.

but when the golden silk of the sun lays upon them,
a caramel colored explosion appears.
with significant streams of burnt sienna and sepia
flowing like fragile veins through the iris.

your eyes remind me of sunlight streaming through
bottles of whiskey.
they remind me of whispered woods in the afternoon
and copper immersed in summers honey-like glow.

i’ve fallen in love many times.
stared into the eyes of my so called
and found nothing within the deep pits of their pupils.
i found nothing in the mixtures of color that spiraled
from these dark parts of them.

but your eyes were so much more than eyes.
they were bedtime stories from childhood,
and they were the safety i had longed for.

to say that they are just boring
would be an insult.
to say they are just beautiful
would be an understatement.
Written by
grace snoddy  16/F/chicago, il
(16/F/chicago, il)   
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