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Oct 2018
There was a time
Where I was in love
But you never knew
Cause you left me

That was two years ago
but it honestly feels like forever
I miss you so much
I wish you hadn’t left

I do know though
That no matter how hard I try
You would still leave
And never come back

You said you’d always be here
But then where are you now?
Out with your friends
Laughing like we used to?

The memories of us
Are still fresh in my head
Almost like it was just yesterday
That we made them together

Your laugh I swear I still hear
But we’re not even near each other
Your smile I remember so well
Almost as if it’s a brand on my brain

Your voice stuck in my head
Almost like an annoying song
Can’t get it out
It won’t ever go away

When you told me to go
My heart broke into a million pieces
You then told me to follow it
But which piece do I follow?
Sorry this is long I just kinda kept going, but I couldn’t cut it because this kinda gets out what I need it to

October 22, 2018
Written by
FallenAngel33  14/Trapped In The Music
(14/Trapped In The Music)   
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