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Oct 2018
age is just a number
at least
that's what you think
when you're young
every teenager
thinks they're mature enough
to be treated like any adult

age is just a number
a number lower than 18
many nights when i was young
i snuck out of my room
and many of those nights
i broke the law
but breaking the law
goes both ways

age is just a number
to be negotiated
another chip on the table
like handcuffs or rope
is just a number
the age of consent
is just
a number

if eight years from 17
is not long enough to outgrow
being a criminal
is there hope for anybody?
i understand, i think, why it cuts so deep
to be called something like that
when you aspire to be Superman
you do not want to be like the men
who paid for your teenaged body

i don't know if i even really believe or if
i just want to protect myself
from the day that i prove
to everyone that i hold close to me
that it's true, it's all true
and they run screaming

maybe if i can convince them now
i can save myself that hurt
please, please,
just understand
i really am a lowlife ****, honest!
please, just
stay away

but there's a reason
that nobody believes me
there's a reason
everybody has had a different story
a different argument against it
a completely different view of me
i am so many things to so many people
how can that even be?

the age of consent is
just a number
but it is a law
for a valuable
and important reason
and the law that i broke
is just so much smaller

if i am a criminal
as much as somebody
who sleeps with teenagers
then "criminal" is a word
devoid of meaning
is my cousin a criminal
for being born in the wrong country?
was ****** a criminal for living her life?

many righteous and good things
were once illegal
the law has never had anything
to do with morality
it is coincidence when they coincide
if people like me
and, especially, people like ******
have to be called criminals
while society fixes its heart
then i will wear the label with her

age is just a number
at least
that's what you think when you're young
many teenagers make mistakes
i shouldn't have to carry the mark of mine
when i hurt nobody but me
but i will wear it
i will wear it with pride
charley gwenn
Written by
charley gwenn  25/F
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