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Oct 2018
Dandruff storm
Avalanche on the sofa of predilection
Hair string over hair root
By 3, by 5
We get stuffed in poisonous genes
And thym and broccoli
Rise and hate
Revolution against it all
Dream the dream
And zip your lips
Do not hum do not dare to
Carrots in my hair
Mosquito bites all over
Sensitive skin
Which were maybe
Meant to be
Goodnight kisses
Pictures followed by gaps and spaces
Paces cover the backs and fronts
Just to make them seem divine
Shiver against the satisfaction
Of your own foolishness
And go wild
Trim, skating, framing the pines
Snow-covered inflammations
While it is in action
Rolling, lurching
At a couple of indiscernible numbers
Per hour
Soft clouds of lies
Covering mountain peaks
Blow hard enough
And then fall back
Separating the air from the air
Take a sip
One last time
There is always
For you to fall
Holding on to grated cells
Just around the right corner
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