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Dec 2012
The Eerie Dance Upon The Moon,
The Boy Who Held The Silver Spoon,
Inside His Mouth When He Was Born,
His Eyes Were Round And Full Of Scorn,
He Only Grined To Cover A Scowl,
I Was Prey, A Mouse To An Owl,
I Looked At Him And Had No Desire,
His Soul Is Cold, And Mine Is Fire,
That Spoon Was Not Silver, It Was Just Tin,
That's What I've Learned Throughout Our Sins,
They're Rotten Fruit Which Hangs From Trees,
I Took A Bite And Through Them To The Bees,
His Eyes Were Burning Through My Skin,
His Pupils Were Needles Burrowing In,
Innocent But Wanted For Someone's Crime,
I'm Still In My Sentence Doing My Time,
I Am Smothered By His Permanent Scent,
Because Of All The Time We've Ever Spent,
The Boy Who Held The Silver Spoon,
Shall Receive His Karma Very Soon,
Making People Think It Was Silver And Then
They Realized It Was Just Tin
I Saw Someone I Really Didn't Want To See.. This Poem Is Kinda Mixed Up But Oh Well.. I Tried To Do The Rhyme Scheme To The Beat Of A Heart--I Made Some Mistakes On Purpose So It Was Irregular
Sydney Victoria
Written by
Sydney Victoria  F/Minnesota
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