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Oct 2018
you are my red blood
that flows through my veins
the one that keeps my heart alive
and the one that keeps through it

you are my orange warning
in every precaution, you are there
telling me that i should be careful
and being mad when i don't

you are my yellow ray of sunshine
as you smile, you turn everything brighter
my cold place becomes warm
you fill up every sadness and gaps i have

you are my green leaves
they seem alive when they are watered
and you are the water
the one that makes them alive

you are my blue sky
a sky so bright seems so happy
full of fluffy clouds up in the sky
that hides darkness in the sky

you are my indigo ocean
a serene in every splash of wind
the waves that keeps me in
flowing right into me

you are my purple pleione
the mutsoraboshi of mine
as you always have me,
i have you

and you, the one who clumsily painted my heart
and painted every vibrant colors that existed
it has been in me and it will always be
and your colors that are in me will always be my favorite.
i love you, i always do.
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