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Oct 2018
Dear you,
you cried
I know you know
But I want you to know that I know too

Then, all I did was stare
I watched you till you died
But there was  nothing I could really do
For all I do is lie

Ive always lied to you. And I still will
Don’t ask me to change
I’m no human, know no humankind
I have a rage
this monster inside me
and I’m not leaving that behind

You live, I survive
You die, I survive
You’re mortality, I’m eternity
You’re humanity I’m absurdity
You’re conformity, I’m insanity
You’re serenity, I’m enormity
We’ll Never be the same

Co-existence is not an option
The love-hate has to end
And that is why
My demon chose to descend

I ripped you into pieces
Showed you that you were dead
made you realize that you’re weak
Throttled you till the end

You’re no longer here
You won’t be there either

although thats what I wanted
but why is it that I still care

I am free. I am alone
I have won. I am broke
I’m the victor. I am the victim
I am the laugh. I am the joke

I chase. I hide
I’m free. I’m tied
I killed. I died
I now know
You were mine.
Ojaswee Das
Written by
Ojaswee Das  15/F/nepal
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