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Oct 2018
Late nights and long drives
Youre my constant in this spinning rotating crazy world
Youre the poison that flows through my veins
Youre the sickness when i get too high
My one and only and you dont even know
Shooting stars and delayed wishes
Those are what keeps us bound together
Fate tangled up our lives
And she has trouble undoing the mess
Do you even realize?
That this crazy idea that we want this too last
Isnt just some puppy love dream?
Cant you see that when you look into my eyes?
Can you not see the universe inside them?
Do you slow down,
Letting yourself get lost in my very presence?
Does your heart not feel full of love?
And all those other sappy sticky feelings
When you look at me?
Because baby, i know mine does
And ill never be perfect in anybody elses eyes except yours
But your eyes are the only ones that matter
And god your eyes
The colors of the night sky when the moon is nowhere to be found
I could get lost in them
Can you not see how i look at you!?
How i feel about you?!
Were the same but were so different
And as i lay beside you
Listening to the sounds that the morning brings
I cant help but realize that the differences and similarities between us dont really matter
Because what matters is how i feel about you
And baby you know how i feel
And so does the rest of this world
I know my actions dont always show it
And i know i can do better
But youre still here
Relationships are a road full of potholes and speed bumps
And weve made it past the worst of them
I know that sorry is only good enough for board games and spilled milk
Not for broken hearts and shattered trust
If i could take it all back i would
If i could look into your eyes
Cut my heart out and let all of my emotions and regret
Out onto the floor then maybe its be enough
For you to forgive me even if youll never forget
And no matter the things that happen
No matter the nightmares that haunt me in my sleep
I hope youll continue to be by my side
Sticking to me like glue
Youre forever my constellation
The universe inside my very soul
And i can never be the same without you
How could i?
Ive been up in the stars for to long
And baby i dont want to come back down
Luna D
Written by
Luna D  23/F/houston, tx
(23/F/houston, tx)   
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