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Oct 2018
It feels as though…
As though the Poet inside
Has dropped the pen
And for the life of me,
I just cannot seem
To find it...
[searching, searching
  Constantly searching…]

So here I sit
Trying to formulate words,
Force them out onto paper
To try and string cohesive
Sentences together

& yet…
Yet there is a feeling
Like something is lost,
Like something is missing.
Something invaluable
A hole in my soul…
Just how do I get it back
& close the hole
If I just don’t get it..?

Feels like I’m in the clouds
But I’m not…
Somethings off
& I cannot find the switch
To turn it back on

Taking pills to sleep
while grogginess pursues
but when I wake,
has seen the morning…
& now it wants to spend
the day
Wynn H
Written by
Wynn H  39/M
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