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Oct 2018
Yellow and brown cobblestone lay soaking beneath my feet
Small rivers flowing quickly inside every crack
Water cascading through red and green leaves
Greeting the earth, singularly inaudible, but together in shouts
Pooling in the grooves of uneven dirt
The trees stretching outward in the dark
Dancing along the gusts, swiping fiercely about the air
Wooden and metal chimes singing in the distance
Leaving just small haunting notes echoing through my ears
Glimpses of vibrations carried through the storm
Moonlight traced patterns all around me
Playing with the shadows of the garden
Catching my eye every so often with subtle movements in the night
Twigs snap under invisible feet as I sit still, watching
Taking in all I can through the deafening winds, I close my eyes
Swallowing hard I drift away to the sounds
When they open, the winds are dying, the rain sliding slowly now
Filling my ears with soft music dripping from the tips of flower petals
Tapping rhythms all their own in the growing quiet
As the rain stops silence sweeps through the cold; filling the night with clarity
A strange sense of calm
The wind song dies and I am alone again; wandering like a ghost in the garden
Written by
Autumn  24/Gender Fluid/WA
(24/Gender Fluid/WA)   
       Denise Uy, Haifsa and Sandy grey
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