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Oct 2018
On my bicycle,i was a daily devotee of your lane
With arms in arms,we could fly higher than the plane
The world will also call me lunatic and insane
But things have changed, we may never meet again
Somedays laughter and somedays tears would drain
Stubborn heart has some disputes with the brain
Yes,the treausre of your love gave me some rain
But no grudges can be induced since you are the pain

I know that you still love and care
My old black coat you still wear
Hard to find another, you are rare
Yes I'm here, darling I'm here..

I have poured my feelings in every single mail
Words were dug from core of my heart, not from sale
Your mails are safe, though pages have turned pale
We didn't keep any of our secret under any veil
Never knew this would turn into such a beautiful tale
Oops! now in dreams only we both can now sail
In this solitude, my words have grown into bale
But your memories will never allow me to fail

Lap under my head, shadow of hair
You deserve all hence praise is fair
Open the chains and fall in the air
Yes I'm here, darling I'm here..

Since life is neither a business nor a game
Loosing you is not a matter of pity and shame
I'll stand by you, whatsoever they put blame
Right now my heart is pumping for your name
And my anxiety is furious like the hot flame
But i have learnt that my fate is quite is lame
Although the address of our cities is not same
Yet our stills are enclosed inside one frame

Not apart,just in two bodies we share
Distance can never separate our pair
Close your eyes, and just feel the air
Yes I'm here, darling I'm here..
Sahil Sharma
Written by
Sahil Sharma  22/M/India
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