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Oct 2018
You are the electricity that lights my world.
You are the music that plays in my heart.
You are the spark that ignites my flame and my love for you
You are the smile on my face.
You are the rocket that takes me to outer space
You are the ship that sails my ocean
You are the magic in this love potion
You are the blood that flows through my vein
You are the rails that carries my train
And you are also the thoughts in my head that won't let me sleep
You are the book that I can't stop reading
You are my cut that won't stop bleeding
You are my miracle that won't stop happening
And you are my fire that just won't stop burning
Baby you are so much to me And you mean the world to me.
For your eyes I will open and you will see.
Just so you can realize what you are to me.
Angelica Tanaquin
Written by
Angelica Tanaquin  20
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