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Oct 12
When I close my eyes I see the past…
I see us lying there
tangled in between the sheets
staring into each other’s eyes

I remember the feeling of your
hands and how they soothed my skin
how your lips kissed every part of my soul
the soft scent of lavender and *** in the air

my heart knew than that it belonged to you
it was in these moments that we created ourselves
and You helped to create this part in me

I remember when you said you loved me
and all I could do was sit there and stare
I was just barely learning how to love myself

I didn’t leave because I didn't love you
I left because I was scared
and I know that wasn’t fair....

I’m so sorry.
I Am Indigo
Written by
I Am Indigo  30/F/Fort Worth
(30/F/Fort Worth)   
     Sienna and Ilion gray
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