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Oct 2018
Thought I was hearin' voices and choices
Of God how Odd is it feelin' an airlift
Gettin' a whiff taste the toxic waste corticles shedded
Everytime ya hear or read an articles just a particle
spectacle to the universal portals let my sun glow
Return of Apollo a leader born never follow
Cuz destiny will swallow prides growing shallow
Allow me to hit ya mental with my lyrical pistol
Wake up to bake up ways to stack my cake up
Soon to shake up the corrupt as I abrupt
The scenery at the purgatory the demons eying me
Spyin' me and typing
to me
in my dreams and it seems
Things is a joke to my siblings to this nature I cling Let the evil sing a
melody to my legacy full of
Know thy enemy raise my Kundalini energy
Invoked by the powers invested in
See the moonlight pouring onto the seas
Enjoy the cool breeze just the atoms in a tease
Soon to sneeze and breath in the auroras debrees
Feelin' the enlightenment without taking on the angled degrees

Cell therapy to the whole community
See me I'm trying to excite ya mentality
My locality is at the gates of philosophy
Easily I show no pain got wisdoms discography
Exposed the hidden energy thai chiΒ Β rapidly
I'm growing still showing raw skills as the **** blowing
Light up the sky rise as I make mist in the eyes
Of mother nature's thighs clouds cry
Another creatures dies it ain't no saprise
I was made out of a disguise a bonded Enterprise
Then I realize earth its just a physical compromise
Keep the soul occupied most scared to die
I seen the white lies told I'm here to fold
The nonsense studied my consciousness
Rap gargantuous it's so ridiculous how they love to bust got us putting our trust
In the Bibles that was made from the dust of a monetized lust
Fall for money so many under thee spells of hell
Goetias stories never failed and you can tell
Most haters is Gargamels signing the bills of a weak will
In it for the skillz stop chasin' the illusions wheel
Earthly gasses laid upon the masses
Poisoned everythang hard to clang to knowledge that sangs
Cant see the bright sunlight cuz darkness went deranged
Got dang??
Folks pulling scams it's the silence of the lambs
So many thoughts crammed and I'll be ******
If I'm standing on in the battlefield horizon
Cravin' the master crafts of a DoGon I'm so long gone
Outta space outta place time to embrace
Break from the physical race
words paste
on the back of my mind for the mental taste
King Tutankhamun
Written by
King Tutankhamun  24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
   Truth be told and ---
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