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Oct 10
When people stress me out, I imagine a front porch....

Imagine you're 80 and senile. You can't barely pick yourself up and all you've got are your stories, your wrinkled skin and a lot of liver spots.

You are sitting on a front porch enjoying a cup of tea. The kind old people like. The kind your 20 year old self wouldn't even dare taste.

You are sitting with an old, old friend. A friend you can't barely remember how you met but surely, its someone who never left your side since.

Hours of laughter pass followed by countless trips down hazy memory lanes. At times, one would even dose off in the middle of a conversation, but you both didn't mind.

And just before the sun fully set, you thank your friend for stopping by. Then, you smile and tell yourself how lovely that day was.

When people stress me out, I imagine a front porch....

And if you can't see a person with you on your imaginary front porch, carry on with other things. Shrug the ***** off. Power through. Be the bigger person.

Know that your peace of mind is priceless. Choose it all the time and you'll live a happier life, for sure.
For the friends I'll grow old with.
Written by
B  Manille
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